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Neotrims Stretch Sweatshirt Rib Fabric, Knit Ribbing, Waistbands Cuffs. For Hoddies & Dressmaking. 10 colors Limited Quantities only at this price. Cotton Acrylic Poly Mix; Tubular fabric sold as 1 or 5 meters Wholesale price!

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Colore Premium Fabric Markers - 20 Rich Pigment Fine Permanent Graffiti Coloring Pens - Child Safe & Non Toxic - For Art Writing on Bags, Shoes, T-shirts & Other Fabric Paint Materials

Cotton Acrylic Fabric - 3

5 Yard Bolt Charcoal Grey Acrylic Felt Fabric

Cotton Acrylic Fabric - 4

Sweatshirt fabrics; Fabric for Hoddies and Dressmaking. 10 stock colors of this Sweat Jersey Fabrics . Medium weight ; a brushed back Hoddy Fabric. Great performance fabric, natural stretch. Cotton Acrylic Poly Mix Content; Supplied Tubular fabric by the meter. SOLD AS 1 meter.

Cotton Acrylic Fabric - 5

Rit All-Purpose Powder Dye, Lemon Yellow

Cotton Acrylic Fabric - 6

Mybecca Unprimed Cotton Canvas Fabric 7 oz Natural Duck Cloth 58" Wide, 5 Yards

Cotton Acrylic Fabric - 7

Rit DyeMore Advanced Liquid Dye for Polyester, Acrylic, Acetate, Nylon and More

Cotton Acrylic Fabric - 8

Neotrims Cotton Mix Lycra Type Stretch Knit Rib Fabric to Trim Garments, Waistbands, Cuffs and Welts. Light Weight Tubular Jersey Material for Apparel. Resilient, Soft Natural Cotton Feel. Black, Grey, Charcoal, Navy and Cream Colours. Great Price. Available in half and 1 meter option.

Cotton Acrylic Fabric - 9

Cotton Canvas Duck Cloth - 10oz Fabric Stone

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Cotton Acrylic Fabric